PeŇ Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian

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My Dad - The Inspector



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My Dad - The Inspector
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Image from the film

Year: 2003

Awards: first prize "The Golden Dove" at the International Film Festival in Leipzig october 2003.

My dad, Sjunne was an inpector of health in the 1950¬īs in southern Sweden. He walked around in the slums of that time and among the poor people and ‚Äúoriginals‚ÄĚ like Andreas with the medallions, Secret J√∂nsson and Mr Bad Times. I was about 11 years old and the most natural and cheapest photographer my dad could find.

My dad is dead just like ‚Äúthe originals‚ÄĚ but the still pictures and some of the 8mm film is still around and it helped me to make this little film about my dad ‚Äď the inspector and my home-town Kristianstad and the old time.

A co-production with Film i Skåne. With support from : Svenska Filminstitutet / Filmkonsulent Jesper Bergom-Larsson och Sveriges Television Dokumentär .