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I hate dogs



I hate dogs
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Year: 2005

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Garbis is a very energetic 99-year-old.; he has just met his new companion, Seta. They live in Paris, only a few blocks away from the Arc de Triomphe. Garbis, an Armenian, is one of the very last survivors of the 1915 genocide. On the death march to Deir ez-Zor he lost the whole of the rest of his family in the genocide committed by the Young Turks.

This year it is ninety years since the genocide was committed and, to this day, Turkey has failed to acknowledge committing genocide on the Armenians, though the EU and many other European countries have recognised the fact. In his apartment, Garbis follows the news at his reading aid; he reads of how Turkey is approaching the EU in order eventually to become a member state –without even acknowledging the Turks’ part in the genocide. Garbis managed to create a good new life for himself in spite of the tragedy a trauma which nevertheless affects him profoundly, emotionally – he still has very powerful feelings about it.

Garbis has a deep secret, a secret that has made him hate dogs.

A film about the art of survival.

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