PeĹ Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian

Documentary Film makers





I hate dogs
My Dad - The Inspector
Where Lies My Victory?
From Opium To Crysanthemums
Words and Stones Ghaza 2000
Her Armenian Prince
Unsafe Ground
Back To Ararat
Ghaza Ghetto
Image from the film

Year: 2005

Awards: Shown at 26 filmfestivals all over the world during 2006 and 2007, among them: IDFA, Amsterdam, Docpoint, Helsinki, Vera, Åland, One World, Prague, Thessaloniki Docu Festival, Goethe Inst. Chennai, India, Human Rights Nights Film Fest. Bologna, Women’s Film Festival, Seoul, Green Festival, Korea, PSBT: UNESCO Forum, New Delhi, Cork Film Festival, Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taipei, Tranzit 2006, Budapest, One World Slovakia, Leeds Film Festival, Guelph International Film Festival, USA, India Social Forum/Three Screens Film Festival, New Delhi, Freedom of Choice, Berlin, Free Zone - Belgrade Human Rights Film Festival, Festival International du Film d'Environnement, Paris Play-Doc, Spain, International Film Festival of Uruguay, Montevideo, Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival, Ankara, Turkey, Seoul Human Rights Film Festival, Korea
Her opponents call her “The Green Killer”. They gave her “The Bullshit Award” for sustaining poverty. TIME says she is a hero of our times – an icon for youngsters all over the world.

The film is about Vandana Shiva, Indian activist and physicist. In this documentary the filmmakers follow Vandana Shiva from her organic farm at the foot of the Himalayas to institutions of power all over the world. Here Vandana Shiva does battle with her toughest opponents like Monsanto and Coca-Cola.

A film on globalisation and the issues of patenting, genetic engineering, bio-piracy, indigenous knowledge and farmers’ suicide.

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