PeĊ Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian

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PeĊ Holmquist & Suzanne Khardalian



I hate dogs
My Dad - The Inspector
Where Lies My Victory?
From Opium To Crysanthemums
Words and Stones Ghaza 2000
Her Armenian Prince
Unsafe Ground
Back To Ararat
Ghaza Ghetto
PeĊ Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian

PeA Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian have directed several films, among them:

Back to Ararat (1988), Guldbagge (Swedish Oscar equivalent) for Best Film and a Red Ribbon at the American Film and Video Festival. Unsafe Ground (1993), most frequently shown documentary in Sweden, Her Armenian Prince (1997), From Opium to Chrysanthemums (2000), Words and Stones – Gaza (2000).
PeĊ Holmquist, documentary film maker, producer/ director.

born 1947 in Kristianstad. Trained at Christer Strömholm’s Photography School. Began as a fashion photograher, then chose to become a war photographer in S.E Asia. Trained at the Swedish Television as a director of photography. From 1975, freelance documentary film maker and producer, working mainly in the Middle East and in Europe. From 1992 PeĊ Holmquist has been responsible for the documentary department of Dramatiska Institutet, Sweden's national film school. PeĊ Holmquist was the chairman of the European Documentary Network 1995-99.

PeĊ Holmquist has directed and produced more than 50 documentary films, among them several prize winning films sold all over the world.

Films( among others):

1969 On the Border (Laos, Thailand) , a short film about the Hmong people in the middle of the Vietnam war.

1971 The Long Chain (India), women workers in Bombay. Prize of the Catholic Jury in the Oberhausen Filmfestival 1972.

1975 Boycott, shot in Chile and Sweden ( with Stefan Jarl).

1979 The Battle of Jerusalem, an account of the long battle over the "Holy City" between Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Christians and Muslims. Shown at the Leipzig filmfestival.

1982 In Memory of Dan, a personal film about my best friend Special prize at the Mannheim Film Festival.

1982 Rashediyeh´s three days of Devastation, a Palestinian refugee camp during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

1984 Gaza Ghetto, the first feature length documentary about Gaza. Sold to more than thirty TV-stations. Festivals: Mannheim, Berlin, Florenz, New York, Chicago, Cairo and Jerusalem ( 1993). Prizes: First prize at Festival dei Popoli, Special prize at Global Village Festival, New York.

2001 Words and Stones – Gaza 2000. A short documentary on a Palestinian boy in Gaza in the middle of the second intifada.

2003 My Dad the Inspector. A short personal film about a healthinspector, a son and a poor Sweden in the 50´s. Firstprize“Golden Dove” at Leipzig International Filmfestival 2003.

Suzanne Khardalian, writer / film maker, director.

Suzanne Khardalian is an independent film maker and journalist, born in Beirut 1956. She studied journalism in Beirut and Paris. She was the chief editor for the Armenian Daily Newspaper "Gamk" in Paris. She is now working as a writer and as a film maker in Sweden.

Films by PeĊ Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian ( among others):

1988 Back to Ararat, the first feature length documentary about the Armenian Genocide. Shown on 30 TV- stations. Festivals: IDFA Amsterdam, Berlin, Montreal, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Paulo, Calcutta. Prizes: Red Ribbon at American Film and Video Festival Chicago, "Guldbaggen" - Best Swedish Film of 1988.

1991 They knocked on our door, refugees from Middle East and Asia stranded in Poland. Prize as Best Swedish TV-documentary.

1993 Unsafe Ground, two young Swedes who dislike immigrants are taken to Beirut, a trip which change their lifes. Festivals: Cinema du Reél, Paris. Cinemagic, Belfast. It has been screen in "conflict areas" such as Beirut/Jerusalem, South Africa and Northern Ireland.

1996 The Lion from Gaza, after 13 years in Poland and Sweden Nafiz returns to Gaza. Everything has changed.... Festivals: Krakow, Baltic Film Festival, Pernu.

1997 Her Armenian Prince, long after the death of her beloved husband, 80-old Göta finds out the "truth" about him... Sold to many TV- stations. Festivals: IDFA Amsterdam, Mumbai India, Sydney, Baltic Film Festival.

2000 From Opium to Chrysanthemums – a documentary on the Hmong people in Thailand and Laos who left the use of opium behind and started to grow Chrysanthemums instead. Many festivals like IDFA, Hot Docs, S:t Paul USA etc

2002 Where Lies My Victory? – a personal documentary about the personal experiences of a war. The film is made in Armenia and shown on many festivals and sold to several TV-stations. Diploma at Cracow International Filmfestival 2003.